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The single word “Forgiveness” represents one of the most challenging Christian principles that individuals will ever have to deal with in their lives. With this said, I believe “To Forgive is the Ultimate Act of Kindness.”

My name is Howard Highsmith, President of Highsmith Group. I am living in my semi-retirement years. As a life-long Christian, I have never thought of myself as a religious person.

Some years ago – upon returning home from a church service I found that I was called to attempt to do something I had NEVER done before! And… it was to design a ladies bracelet and name it  Forgiveness™ Bracelet. That night I was compelled to finish the design, and I did. The next day I reached out to find bead makers to make 250 bracelets for me and I sold them at trade shows to ‘people of faith’ until they were gone.

Here’s the irony of this story – At that time I was the Director of Sales of a high-tech sales organization with four offices and 23 total salespeople.  I was crazy-busy to put it bluntly! 

In hindsight, I can only believe God compelled me to act and share a message through the power of forgiveness.

Also, at that time, I had three young adults, all slated for college, life got in the way and I didn’t have time to have bracelets made until now

As we get older, one starts to become introspective about legacy.
I find myself compelled again to do something that    will help
to define my legacy as a person of faith as well as someone
who tried to make a small difference with people in this crazy,
corrupt world that we live in.

There are 10 Stainless or 14k Gold plated beads on each side
that represent the Ten Commandments.
The red, gold, and green crystals represent Faith, Hope, and Love:
(1 Corinthians 13:13), and the greatness of these is LOVE.

The cross represents your Christian faith to the world.

The two green crystals on either side of the clasp function as
a reminder to:

GO into the world with LOVE and FORGIVENESS in your heart.

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this life-long Christian Truth.

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