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For large growing churches there is simply never enough money. The Forgiveness Bracelet is a valued way to execute a fundraising strategy that can generate funds from $1,350, to $8,500, to $23,000, and potentially more. In addition, we will help your staff create marketing materials at no charge. Questions? call us 828.455.6390, Howard Highsmith

14k Gold Plating or Stainless Steel

The Highsmith Company serves large churches in the United States that are recognized in the October 2022 issue of OUTREACH’s 100 largest churches in America. Also included are reproducing Churches, and the fastest growing Churches in America

To Order 828 455 6390


For any questions, please call: Howard 828.455.6390
Make checks payable to Highsmith Group, or pay through PayPal Do we have any others
Quantities shown above are minimum quantities ordered.
To ensure goal attainment, our Fundraiser’s are typically earmarked for larger churches with greater than 5,000+ members.
Shipping is FREE for all bracelet orders.

A Note from the company President:

“The single word “Forgiveness” represents one of the most challenging Christian principles that individuals will ever have to deal with in their lives. With this said, “To Forgive is the Ultimate Act of Kindness, starting with oneself. Wearing The Forgiveness™ Bracelet represents an understanding of this life-long Christian Truth”

Howard Highsmith, President

*Fine Print:

We offer our support and any marketing materials Free of Charge to Churches that order 100 bracelets. Highsmith Group retains Copyright ownership of all marketing support and materials offered.

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this life-long Christian Truth.

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